Sunday Morning - 252Basics @ Central Zone

Bible Zone Leaders escort children from Bible Zones to our worship center in Central Zone.If your child is not to attend 252Basics Worship, you or someone who is listed on your authorized pick-up list will need to come pick up your child.Children are not allowed at any time to travel by themselves.
Central Zone is our designated area within the church for our Children’s worship service which is called 252Basics.It is located on the ground floor of our auxiliary building, just beyond the staff and administration offices. A greeter can help you find Central Zone if your child did not attend one of the Bible Zones, otherwise the Bible Zone teachers will escort them to Central Zone following the Bible Zone session.
Central Zone is a high-energy Children’s worship service that includes music, Bible lessons, games and small group life applications during the service.
Each week, Children will be escorted to the CBC gym upon conclusion of the 252 Basics service.Parents can pick up their child/children in the gym following the morning worship service.