Your First Visit

Welcome to Kid-Central Ministries of Central Baptist. All children, grades 1-5, gather in the gym at 9:30 am for an opening session.   Please bring your child to the gym ans sign them in!  Following our gathering time, Bible zone teachers will excort their classes to their room which is located on the 3rd floor (1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades) or on the 4th floor (4th and 5th grades).

Safety and Security Procedures on Your First Visit

You will be asked to fill out a visitor form for your child which will give us general information about you and your child.Please also be sure to tell leaders of any allergies or major concerns before leaving your child.

What to do after you have dropped of your child

After your child has been signed in, a greeter at the Church Welcome Center can help you find your way.If you are looking to attend an age-appropriate Bible Study class, our greeters at our Church Welcome Center can inform you of the multiple options available and to find the perfect class for you and any other older children and/or youth you may have.If you wish to attend the Worship Service, the sanctuary is located just beyond the Church Welcome Center. Our greeters can direct you to the shortest path to the Bible Study class and Sanctuary.