Central Baptist Church has a strong commitment for mission action and mission giving.
Through the Woman’s Missionary Union and the Brotherhood all the mission groups minister through projects in nursing homes, hospital, jail, prison, and community service organizations
Central helps to collect canned food for Operation Happiness (a community-wide project for the needy) and cooperates with the Clark Community Service Center that assists families in need and transients who pass through our community.
In 1975 Central voted to make December our Missions Month and to combine all efforts to emphasize missions around the world (foreign, home and state).  At least one special speaker, mission sermons, special films, skits or programs by mission groups, special articles and notices in the newsletter, special posters throughout the building were used to emphasize missions.  Early in the calendar year Central adopts a mission goal for the year and encourages members to give throughout the year.  In 1987 the Church voted to move missions month to November to give more time and effort to missions emphasis and to relieve the pressure of promoting missions alongside Christmas music and programs.  In 1996, Central voted to again promote each of the mission emphasis at the conventional recommended time but to also continue the year-round acceptance of gifts for missions. 
For many years we have used a parade of flags representing countries where we have missionaries as an integral part of the worship services during missions month.  In 1977 ladies of the Church made our beginning set of eighty-three beautiful flags of foreign countries.  Since then they have added other flags as new mission work has begun in other countries.  Within the last few years several state flags have been purchases so that the home mission work could also be highlighted in the parade of flags.  The flags have been displayed throughout the sanctuary for the entire missions month.

On December 31 all missions gifts received during the calendar year are then sent to the Kentucky Baptist Convention designated as follows:  Lottie Moon Christmas Offering (international) – 70%; Annie Armstrong Offering (North American) – 20%; Eliza Broadus Offering (state) – 10%.  This division will apply only to the undesignated mission gifts beginning in 1997.
     Besides these special missions gifts, our budget specifies 11.25% of undesignated receipts will go for the Cooperative Program and 2.5% will be given to the Boone’s Creek Baptist Association.
 Beyond these, special gifts have been designated from time to time to help mission teams and the people where our teams have gone to minister.  Within the past twenty years pastor and laypeople have participated in at least fifteen missions trips within the United States and sixteen mission trips in foreign countries.  Some of these were construction teams; some were teams of evangelistic campaigns; some were dental/preaching teams; some were canvassing and backyard Bible club teams.  Our youth have been on fourteen mission trips in the past several years.
Since 1998 Central Baptist Church has had several groups and individuals participate in many mission trips.  Mission trips include international missions (Brazil, Russia, Australia, Middle East, Senegal, China) and home missions (Mississippi, Georgia, S. Carolina, Virginia) and several home-town projects.  Some of these groups worked through World Changers International.