Roots is the Wednesday night ministry of Central Baptist Church, engaging students from 6th through 12th grade. We are all about having fun, loving and serving our friends and most importantly loving Jesus with every part of our lives. We believe that every growing thing needs strong roots, especially people. We take that from Colossians 2:6-7. We love to help students connect with God through His Son Jesus and to connect with His bride the church. We also strive to help students grow in that relationship with fun, relevant teaching. As students grow we give them tons of opportunities and ideas of how to serve their friends-both in the church and outside its walls.

Connection 2013 (August 14th - September 4th)

This is our beginning of the school year outreach to students where our Fusion leaders seek to help them connect with God and each other. For students it is a time to connect with and enter into a relationship with God and His people. It is also a time to go deeper in those connections and invite friends. Each student is put on one of four teams for mental and physical challenges each Wednesday for 4 weeks. There are points awarded for those challenges as well as memorizing Bible verses, inviting friends, posting to social media, and much more. We also study God's Word to see how we are connected initially and stay connected to God and each other. Hope to see you there! You can find a Facebook link on our student ministries FB page.